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“Opportunities don’t happen, you need to create them.”

– Chris Grosser.


Our team firmly believes that YOU are the key to unlocking your true potential and setting yourself up for career excellence and WE are the way to make this happen! We are here to listen to your questions, understand your dreams and turn them into a reality!

Jai Shankar Gopalan



Value and culture are the mark of a developing and ever-growing civilization. We at Aim4Top also have imbibed and continue to practice many values that are core to our business practices.

The Blue-Pearl Value Proposition - Our only goal is to accomplish expectations and guide all our stakeholders to aim for the sky and make peace with hard work to get there. Blue is the color of the sky and Pearl is for Peace and patience to take the steps to become unique and achieve precious dreams.

POMPOM - Peace of mind & Plenty of Money.

The Book my Career way of life - With every session of counselling, our only aim is to guide and equip everyone with information required to achieve their goals, until this becomes second nature. This, we call the Book my career way of life!

Integrity - Every team member operates with integrity and honesty along with a common goal to celebrate You and your Goals and the means to achieve them.

Open Communication Practices - There is no secrets between our stakeholder and we believe that open and detailed communication provides much needed information to make career decisions.

Empowerment - One of our most important goals is to empower each and every person who comes to our team with required skills, information and attitudes to tap into their fullest potential.

Lead by example - We have been part of this industry for so many years and we still believe learning and leading by example is the best practice. This is our motto and we strive for excellence by following this.

Respect - Our practices are completely based on mutual respect for people, their dreams and the expectations.



Many competitors focus on giving you short term results and success. You have one session and are given options that you can take for the next step.

We are here with an end-to-end solution. We help not only with short term success but give you all that you need to understand yourself, explore unchartered territories and join the dots to propel your career trajectory to new heights.


“Leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work.”

– Vince Lombardi

Aim4Top is my effort towards nurturing exceptional leaders of tomorrow. My vision for the last xx years, since inception has been to transform goal setting & career progression. It is my sincere belief that real talent and skill should be nurtured with the right guidance to go places. It is my goal to teach the

Aim4Top (Book my career) way of life to all our students and help them with opportunities to be the very best. Till date, I have been able to witness 300 + success stories and there is nothing more rewarding than this for me as a visionary. My team and I are here to help you reach for the brightest stars and celebrate You!


By now you’ve probably heard/read enough about Jai Shankar Gopalan Iyer, career counsellor extraordinaire, maverick management guru, social visionary. I’m not going to add to that canon of praise. Which is not to say that Jai deserves any less of it, if not more. I however am going to try and give you a glimpse of him, the way I’ve had the privilege of knowing him.

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Education Mentor, Educationist, Career Guide, Crafts Trainer

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