“ Success Always Comes When Preparations Meet Opportunity ”
- Henry Hartman

Career guidance

Know your passion and decide what to choose. It is you who will go with the subject/skills or job or vocation and so act accordingly. Go through our well designed program. Career guidance and counseling programs help individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and happily succeed in society. You are just in the right path.

1. What is career guidance?

It is a specially designed program to assist you in making and implementing well informed educational and occupational choices.

2. Who benefits from our career guidance program and career counselling?

It is open to all from youths to adults, dropouts, single parents, displaced homemakers, teachers, administrators, parents, employers and even working professionals or business people who want to have a mid career change.

3. What are the Key Components of our successful career guidance and counselling program?

Our mission that makes us to be one of the best in the market is MAKING YOUR FUTURE HAPPILY SUCCESSFUL. We highly value your sentiments, interests, hobbies achievements and take well care of every aspect of your career to generate a positive actionable plan for your future.
“Making your future happily successful” is the motto for which we work. Our whole hearted initiative to guide you in every respect from choosing your stream after plus 12 to give you an open view of different streams, colleges and courses that lead you to take an informed career decision.

Take an Informed career decision and make your future happily successful

Personality Development

People have their own characteristics, behaviour, attitudes and mindset. Personality may vary in each individual. It being an important feature of a human being. A strong personality makes a perfect and complete you. In your daily life you have to face different environments in different places but you should deal with the situations with self belief and confidence .It is always advisable to keep a positive mind to every situation. No matter how big is the problem try to remain calm and cool. It is necessary to workout on the growth of your personality and try to set an example for others. Your personality development programs are unique of its kind. We offer highly organized programs to develop your inner side to make a personality which suits your nature.

Need for Growing our Personality

Emotion Management : You have your own emotional traits. In a given situation, you have your own feelings. While some feelings maybe strong, others may be light and do not show up in your behavior or actions. Personality development programs help you to manage the way you need to regulate them and their outward appearance. This enables you to be your self and yet makes a difference to the situation in a positive way.

Extraversion : Another important aspect of personality whether you are introvert, ambivert or extrovert. Remember you need to know your personality traits well and how to use them effectively. Each of these social characteristics come with their own pros and cons. Our program helps you to hone your traits to stronger ways.

Managing Time : Another important factor our program touches is your ability to get the best utilization of your 24 hours. Apart from processes that build your personality around your traits , it also gives you special tips on how to duplicate and synthesise time.

Our programs will be cover the following apart from the specific areas mentioned above.

●   Body Language
●   Self reflection
●   Performing perfection
●   Being Courageous
●   Self Analysis
●   Positive Outlook
●   Decision Making techniques
●   Self Introduction
●   Learning and Unlearning
●   Socialising
●   Listening skills
●   Dress Sense
●   Self confidence

And many other facets.

Take an Informed career decision and make your future happily successful

College Information

What to do after you pass out from school? Where to go ? These are some of the few questions that haunts after the Class XII board exams. View our highly productive guidance assistance module for different streams which are specially designed for your convenience.

The time after class 12th is quite crucial for one. There are multiple choices regarding career options and one is bombarded with questions like: Which is the right career for me? Am I making the right decision? Which programme and courses can get me a good job? What are the fees? What are the eligibility criteria? When to apply? How to apply? Where to apply for loans?

University admission or college admission is the process through which students get entry to higher education and is awarded academic degrees with successful completion. Systems may vary widely from country to country, and sometimes from institution to institution.

There are several reputed schools, colleges and universities in India .Colleges may offer to various courses in different streams varying from arts, commerce, law, science, engineering and technology, management, medical science, journalism and mass communication and many more. We help you to find out the suitable places for your college admission. It may require a few minutes to search for colleges and to choose your destination of future study.

Take an Informed career decision and make your future happily successful

Admission Assistance Programme

With our admission assistance programme you will find the easy way to get through the admission procedure for your choice of course and college. All the queries that arise during your admission procedure will be answered here. We are providing you with the best admission assistance for you here.

This consists of choosing the institutes properly. Applying for the right courses that suit you and are required for skilling you is the next important process. After the application, the admission tests and your qualification for the same are important. The Group Discussion and Personal Interview commonly known as GD/PI is where our personality development programme come in very useful.

We also assist in understanding the various aspects of finances with regards to the banking and scholarships available. This makes higher education more feasible and doable for students from all strata of society and economic status.

Take an Informed career decision and make your future happily successful

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