Jai Shankar Gopalan
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The coming months are going to be exciting as well as challenging for all of you, high school students. You have been working towards your boards for the past 2 years. Alongside is your preparation to reach your goal entering toe become the future engineers, and making your parents and country proud.
The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is the largest engineering entrance exam for high school students in India. The level of competition is high. Worthy and hardworking candidates secure seats in their dream engineering colleges. Of course, the most coveted ones get opportunity in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT’s), an esteemed place to give a gentle push towards a wonderful career ahead after clearing the hurdle of JEE Mains.
Remember, science is based on facts and hypothesis. Therefore, these entrance examinations require clarity of every concept and the ability to apply the knowledge and skill, thus acquired, in solving problems. This means you must have a clear understanding of the problem and find the appropriate concept you need to apply. Even testing you on multiple concepts integrated together could be there. To achieve success, you need to derive the solution – and the best way is to identify a self-learning method!
Here are some tips for students who believe in self preparation for the JEE Main exam :-
Be Focused: First of all, you should be mentally prepared and keep a positive approach towards your goal. With the really high levels of competition and peer pressures, it is very easy to get distracted and doubt your methods of preparation. It is important to just focus on your preparation and believe in yourself and your methods.
Since JEE Main preparations can be very intense, it is very important to be ready to put in all the mental and physical effort required to clear the exam.
Have a Preparation Plan: Being organized is one of the cardinal rules that can make a difference when the result comes. For a highly competitive exam like JEE Main, a proper preparation strategy in place, will increase your probability to emerge a winner.
Also, pay attention while making the exam preparation strategy. Prefer allocating more time to subjects and topics you are less comfortable. Following the preparation strategy to the core is also essential to score higher in the exam.
Time Management: Following a strict timetable as per specific syllabus and targets is very important. You need to complete the syllabus on time and also leave ample amount of time for revision. JEE Main preparation must also include solving sample papers, including previous year's JEE Main papers. Manage time to solve more problems and discover newer tricks. This will help you to perform well in the exam.
Prefer Group Studies: Working in a competitive study group may help in the successful preparation of JEE Main. Group discussion with teachers and fellow friends will recreate a cooperative environment to increase your knowledge exponentially You can quiz, debate and even challenge each other with questions from the JEE Main syllabus.
Revision Is Must: Revision is of utmost importance and JEE Main is no exception either. Covering new topics without revising the already read ones will be a waste of time. In absence of revision, it is highly likely that you may forget the concepts you studied in the past. Rather, revise them in a systematic way to increase your consolidation of the learning and bring in confidence. Therefore, you should have a patterned repetitive revision cycle.
It will increase your test-taking speed.
It will help you overcome panic.
It will give you a clear picture about the topics you’re weak in.
Solve Question Papers: One of the most important tips and things to do when preparing for JEE Main 2018 exam is to solve JEE Main previous year question papers. It helps you to understand the exam pattern, the type of questions asked, syllabus and of course the complexity level of the questions being asked in JEE Main exam. One of the most beneficial things about solving the previous year question papers is it enables you to enhance speed, accuracy and have a strategy to attempt the question paper.
Take Mock Tests: It is always an excellent practice to take mock test as and when you get an opportunity. But you must start taking them only when you have completed all the topics and subjects. Ideally, taking mock tests as per the allocated time, one or two months before the exam, would make more sense.
Start New Topics Well Ahead of Exam: Start New Topics Well Ahead of Exam:You should make a proper JEE Main preparation strategy and ensure that you complete all the topics and subjects well in advance, preferably three to four weeks before. However, it is advised that you should keep the last three weeks only for revision and taking mock tests. Starting new topics before some days and even a week may not help you at all, rather can possibly do more harm than good.
Keep Distractions Away: Distractions can really make the difference during the JEE Main preparation days. Therefore, keep social media distractions like Facebook, Whatsapp etc just to chat with your friends or check their updates. However, you can surely join FB and G+ groups to find some important exam tips and know how they are preparing for the exam.
Eat and Sleep Well: Don't over push for studies, ensure you take adequate rest and exercise regularly. All work and no play can make Jack a dull YOU – remember this! Eat a balanced diet and sleep adequately to relax. Your brain needs consistent energy and rest to work effectively and function efficiently. Maintain a schedule that would let you have 8 hours of proper sleep to relax your brain.
Here is wishing you BEST OF LUCK for the up coming challenge. This challenge is an opportunity, so utilize it with a positive and confident approach to come out a winner! Stay positive! All will be Well.